Pet Safe

Family Sitting In Garden TogetherGCSI knows how much your pet’s mean to you, and that is why we’ve developed our Pet Safe Program. This value-added program is available to all of our monitored customers.

To help ensure your pet’s safety in the case of a fire or other emergencies, GCSI has implemented “Pet Safe”. This program incorporates not only window stickers, which you can personalize with your pet’s names, but also provides emergency responders with information about your pets. This information can consist of how many pets live in your home, what type of pets you have, and their names. Our central monitoring station will be given your pet’s personal data and can relay that information to emergency responders.

In addition, if there is ever a life safety* condition at your home GCSI will would like to help ensure that your pets are safe and taken care of. As part of your Pet Safe membership, GCSI will pay for your pet’s first night stay in the kennel of your choice.

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Pet Safe

Pet Safe Tips

  • Incorporate your pets in your family’s emergency plan
  • Keep leashes and crates easily accessible
  • Give a trusted neighbor a key so they can rescue your pets if need be

*Life Safety meaning:

– Fire in your home that leaves your home uninhabitable

– An actual or attempted robbery, burglary, or break in that leaves your home uninhabitable
– Other conditions may qualify as a life safety conditions, GCSI reserves the right to determine this on a
case-by-case basis.

Terms & Conditions:
– To qualify for services:
– – An actual life safety condition must have occurred
– – You must be a GCSI monitored customer who’s account is in good standing
– – You must be enrolled in Pet Safe prior to the claim

– GCSI reserves the right to determine whether or not a life safety condition has occurred
– GCSI will pay a maximum of $100 per pet, per event at the kennel of your choice
– An itemized receipt from the kennel is required for reimbursement

– Rules and conditions are subject to change without notice
– GCSI reserves the right to terminate this program without notice