Acquired Customers

Since 1986, GCSI has strived to provide the highest level of quality installations and service, while keeping fees to a minimum. To expand services to our customers, GCSI has acquired accounts from nine other alarm companies. This growth, in turn, has provided our customers with volume discounts and better access to our value-added services. To attend to the needs of our larger customer base, we have relocated to an expanded 4,200 sq. ft. facility and increased our office personnel along with our technical support staff. Whether you are an original GCSI customer, a new customer, or your alarm company joined GCSI, we value your business and look forward to providing a level of service that will exceed your needs and expectations.

If you have a security system that has been installed by a company that has joined GCSI, you may qualify for a discounted System Evaluation. For just $49.95 a GCSI technician will run a full test of your current security system. Please contact the office for more information at 1-877-589-6111.

Companies/Customers that have Joined GCSI

Below is a list of companies that we have acquired accounts from:

  • Campus Call
  • Advanced Security Systems
  • Safe or Secure Alarms
  • On-Guard Security Solutions
  • Eagle Security & Locksmith
  • Failsafe Security Systems
  • Tek Services
  • Safetech Security System
  • M&M Alarms
  • Devco Alarm Co.
  • Frontier Security Solutions
  • Pantaleo Alarm Co.
  • Allied Protective Systems
  • S.O.S – Safe or Secure
  • Alco Protection Service
  • Advanced Security Systems
  • Reilley Electric

If you have a system that was installed by one of the above companies, and you have not had contact with GCSI yet, we would like to extend you a warm welcome. If you are not currently being monitored through our Central Station monitoring services and would like to be, please contact our office at (856) 728-8228 to schedule a free system evaluation.