GCSI History

December 2012

GCSI Security Group awarded $1,000.00 cash to Lauren and her family for winning the 2012 Refer a Friend Yearly Contest.

November 2012

GCSI Security Group adopts Hurricane Sandy Relief Program in response to the October 2012 Hurricane that devastated the East Cost.

November 2012

GCSI Security Group organizes a blanket drive to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy. GCSI Security Group delivered approximately 200 blankets to the Jersey Shore area.

July 1st, 2012

GCSI Security Group acquires Alco Protection Services.

June 1st, 2012

GCSI Security Group completes the renovation of the interior of newly purchased building.

April 2011

GCSI Security Group celebrates 25 years of business! Thank you to all of our customers, we couldn’t have done it without you.

March 1st, 2011

GCSI Security Group completes the renovation of the exterior of newly purchased building

March 2011

GCSI Security Group adopts the Japan Relief Program, in response to the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

September 1st, 2010

GCSI Security Group acquire S.O.S – Safe or Secure

July 2010

GCSI Security Group acquires Allied Protective Systems

July 2010

GCSI Security Group adopts Pet Safe

January 2010

GCSI Security Group acquires the entire account base from Devco Alarm Company.

December 2009

Enhanced office technology: GCSI Security Group added three new Dell servers and upgraded one Dell server.  GCSI Security Group tripled the capacity of their APC battery back-up system.

September 2009

GCSI Security Group launches their new and expanded website geared to improve communication with our customers

September 2008

GCSI Security Group undergoes another computer hardware and software upgrade to strengthen our firewalls, further protecting our customer’s vital information

July 1, 2008

GCSI Security Group expands to a larger 4,200 sq ft facility to meet our growing customer’s needs. GCSI secures its new facility by upgrading the security and fire systems, as well as the installation of a digital surveillance system and a full access control keyless entry system. The security of the new facility was also improved by the installation of an access control system to monitor building traffic.’

June 15, 2008

GCSI Security Group adopts Smoke Safe.

December 26, 2006

GCSI Security Group acquires Pantaleo Alarm Company

July 2006

The State of New Jersey mandates licensing for security and fire installations. GCSI Security Group applies for and is approved for all three state licenses, which exceeds the State’s requirements.

November 2005

GCSI Security Group expands our office to 3,200 sq ft

May 1, 2005

GCSI Security Group acquires the entire account base from Frontier Security Solutions

June 30, 2004

GCSI Security Group acquires accounts from Devco Security System

September 28, 2003

GCSI Security Group acquires M&M Alarms

September 20, 2002

GCSI Security Group acquires Safetech Security Systems

September 2002

GCSI Security Group undergoes total computer equipment upgrade

July 2002

GCSI Security Group expands our office to 2,000 sq ft

August 2001

GCSI Security Group launches our first website

July 26, 2001

Gloucester County Systems, Inc. forms GCSI Security Group

February 1, 2001

Gloucester County Systems, Inc. acquire Tek Services

December 2000

Gloucester County Systems, Inc. moves to 490 C North Black Horse Pike, Williamstown, NJ (1,200 sq ft)

August 2, 1998

Gloucester County Systems, Inc. acquires Failsafe Security Systems

July 17, 1998

Gloucester County Systems, Inc. acquires Eagle Security & Locksmith

June 16, 1998

Gloucester County Systems, Inc. acquires On-Guard Security Solutions


Gloucester County Systems, Inc. expands our office space to 1,200 sq. foot


Gloucester County Security Systems becomes incorporated and we change our name to Gloucester County Systems, Inc. because we now offer additional services beyond security.

April 1986

Gloucester County Security Systems formed
(Located at 516 East Holly Drive, Pitman, NJ – 240 sq ft office)