Learn About

Our Learn About section is designed as a value-added service to our customers. In this section you can learn about many different aspects of your alarm system or alarm systems in general. This section includes how to change your battery, how to update your call list, how to change your keypad code, and much more. Keep checking back as we add more information to our Learn About section.

Battery Replacement Instructions


If there is evidence of corrosion on the battery leads and/or terminals, do not touch the acidic, corroded areas. This corrosion may also cause improper electrical performance and may require a service call to replace the battery leads.

Observe Polarity while making connections:



  • Remove the leads from the old battery one at a time
  • Put the old battery aside
  • Connect the new battery one lead at a time

The old battery should be disposed of properly. Contact your local township recycle center, call our office for more information, or click here for a list of local, privately owned recycling centers.

Please call our office during normal business hours if you need assistance.

How to Update your Call List

Please call our office, Monday through Friday 8:30am to 4:00pm, to make any changes to your account at 1-877-589-6111

How to Change your Keypad Code

Since GCSI installs various different types of systems, please refer to your owner’s manual or call our customer services department for assistance at 1-877-589-6111

How Do I Test my System?

In order to test your system you need to call your Central Station and inform them you will be testing your system. You will need your Central Station account number and pass code. (Please call the office for your Central Station information.) After your Central Station is notified:

  • Arm your system like you are leaving the premise
  • Let your keypad count down
  • After the keypad counts down, you “trip” your system by either opening your front door or walking in front of a motion detector
  • Let your siren sound for 10 – 15 seconds and then disarm your system by following your normal disarm procedure
  • Call the Central Station and ask for your test results to confirm that the signal was received
  • If all signals were received at the Central Station ask to have your system taken off of test