Preventing False Alarms

False alarms are a nuisance for all involved, especially for the responding authorities. These alarms distract the authorities from real emergencies and tie up their resources. Some municipalities can even fine you for excessive f..

Fire Safety Tips

  Draw a floor plan and escape route for each level of your home Make sure there are at least two exits planned for every room Choose a safe meeting place outside of your home Practice your plan Teach family ..

Digital Phone Service Disruption

VOIP AND DIGITAL PHONE SERVICE MAY INTERFERE WITH YOUR SECURITY/LIFE SAFETY SYSTEM We would like to inform you about the potential impact that new types of phone services may have on your security/life safety systems. Commonly re..

2G Sunset Info

When it comes to life safety, failure is not an option. Make the switch to 4G now. Avoid Service Disruption Major network carriers—including AT&T—are prioritizing 4G over slower alternatives including 2G. Many mobile ..

Home Security Tips

Exterior Doors: Exterior doors should have quality deadbolt locks with no less than a 1″ throw All latch-strike plates on your doors should be secured with at least 3″ screws All exterior doors should be solid har..

Connect To Your Home Or Business With Honeywell’s Total Connect

Honeywell’s Total Connect allows you to watch over your family, home or business whether you are there or not. With Total Connect, you gain real-time control of your Honeywell Security System, Z-wave enabled devices (for example..

Smoke Alarms Save Lives

3 out of 5 home fire deaths occur in homes with no or non-working fire alarms. The risk of dying in a home structure fire is cut in half by having properly installed and maintained smoke alarms. Smoke Alarms Save Lives: In the..

Security Industry Scam: Nothing Is Ever 100% Free

The other day, while sifting through my mail, I came upon a mailer from an alarm company offering me a “free” home security system. This isn’t the first time I have received such an offer (I get at least one a week), but it ..

Winter Safety Tips

The winter weather, especially in the Northeast, is anything but friendly. Make sure your are prepared to safely ride out these next few months by:  Checking your smoke and Co (carbon monoxide) detectors monthly. Make sure..

Fire Prevention Week: Don’t Wait Check The Date: Replace Smoke Alarms Every 10 Years

Smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors have a life expectancy. Even if you perform regular maintenance and testing, which suggest they are still functioning correctly, you should always replace the unit(s) at the end of their u..

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