What Our Customers Have to Say About Us

2016 Testimonials

Every contact I’ve had with the company has been a wonderful pleasure. They are the best in the business. GCSI is the standard by which all other companies, including large national security companies, should strive to be. I hope that never changes!

Andrew – Glassboro, NJ – March 2016


Great Job

Philip – Woodbury, NJ – February 2016


You are doing great

Edward – Williamstown, NJ – February 2016


We are very happy & satisfied with the service. We have been with your company for a long time.

Rose – Sewell, NJ – January 2016

2015 Testimonials

No real alarm calls yet (thank you) but during all testing the response time has been very fast, professional, etc.

Robert – Lindenwold, NJ – December 2015


Everything is working fine. Have no problems since you put the new part in. Thank You.

Mary Ann – Glassboro, NJ – November 2015


Great Job! Thank You.

Jeanne – Audubon, NJ – November 2015


My husband insisted on getting your service and I must admit that every time I come into my home, knowing it has been protected while I was away, I feel so much better

Mari – Franklinville, NJ – November 2015


Doing very well, very happy.

Andy – Glassboro, NJ – November 2015


When I had an immediate problem, staff was able to walk me through solving it so my alarm could be silenced until a technician could come to fix it.

Susan – Linwood, NJ – October 2015


We are extremely happy with your service.

Janice – Woodbury, NJ October 2015



Paul – Glassboro, NJ – September 2015


After all these years, your service is still #1

Virgil – Richland, NJ – October 2015



Mildred – Absecon, NJ – August 2015


Excellent! Great!

Albert – Clayton, NJ – August 2015


Just wanted to let you all know what a great job you are doing. Whenever our alarm goes off, the quick & fast call that we get is amazing. We appreciate it and thank you so much for keeping me and my family safe at all times! Keep up the great work.

Stella – Sewell, NJ – August 2015


Your customer care representative Beth Dayton is the best in customer care that I have worked with. She should be commended.

William – Marlton, NJ – June 2015


You are very good & nice.

John – Cherry Hill, NJ – June 2015


Mark was very courteous and helpful. When you call there a live person instead of automated system

Diane – Glassboro, NJ – June 2015


Staff is the best, especially Dominique. Service men are courteous, timely, and professional.”

Marie – Williamstown, NJ – May 2015


“Rapid service. Very helpful. Excellent service.”

Wayne – Williamstown – May 2015


“Your service is excellent. Callers are always polite and knowledgeable and understanding when we have a false alarm!! Keep up the good work!!!!”

AVT Jr. – Vineland – May 2015


“I am very happy with your service. Keep the good work up. The operators are great and very helpful.”

Joe – Egg Harbor, NJ – March 2015


“Great job! Keep up the good work.”

Frank – Millville, NJ – January 2015

2014 Testimonials

“The people I have spoken to are very nice. Keep the good work up.”

Joe – Egg Harbor – October 2014


“We have no issues with our service. Since you have taken over for Pantaleo we feel we have been serviced with the customer being important as Bob always did.”

Dominick – Vineland, NJ – June 2014


“Love your company. Will be using you in our new home also.”

Kathy – Glassboro, NJ – July 2014


“Wonderful service”

Joseph – Vineland, NJ – May 2014


“Very courteous service! Most recent repair was completed by a knowledgeable, polite tech who even waiting in my driveway a few minutes as I returned from an unexpected emergency errand. Thanks for your excellent service!”

Roseann DiMeglio – Elm, NJ – May 2014


“Very good. Gave proper & adequate answers to my questions.”

John – Voorhees, NJ – April 2014


“Everything great at this time. The service and repair department was fast and very professional. 100% satisfied.”

Alexander – Vineland, NJ – April 2014


“Jeff is a keeper. Quality personality”

Charles – Moorestown, NJ – April 2014


“Awesome service. Always has a fast response time. Great service for many years. Thank you so much.”

Lynn – Melbourne, FL – March 2014


“Service is excellent”

Richard – Cherry Hill, NJ – March 2014


“Always prompt & pleasant”

Robert – Lindenwold, NJ – March 2014


“We are happy with our service and the customer service when we have needs and come to your office.”

Dominick – Vineland, NJ – March 2014


“You gave me expert and immediate service when my system broke down.”

Alexander – Vineland, NJ – March 2014


“Very professional”

Charles – Sicklerville, NJ – January 2014

2013 Testimonials

“For home and office. Both excellent”

Eugene – Pitman, NJ – November 2013


“Always happy with service and techs are very good too. (Polite & professional)”

Tim – Deptford, NJ – November 2013


“Completely satisfied. Thanks for doing such a great job. We recommend you to others all the time. Great service for the price.”

Jackie – Millville, NJ – September 2013



Ralph – Colts Neck, NJ – September 2013


“Thanks for re-connecting my monitoring line that Verizon deliberately disconnected. They are supposed to know what they’re doing – Did they? Easy burglar scam if you ask me.”

Joan – Egg Harbor Township, NJ – September 2013


“False alarm – operator called both contact numbers in seconds. Good job.”

William, Marlton, NJ – August 2013


“Great service”

Ryan – Mantua, NJ – June 2013


“Very good. We have no complaints.”

Dominick – Vineland, NJ – June 2013


“We were in need of a repair in the system. Your response time excellent.”

John – Absecon, NJ – June 2013


“The service is excellent and the operators are excellent.”

Louise – Egg Harbor Township, NJ – May 2013


“The one problem I had was taken care of with just a phone call. I was told what to check and how to fix it without a service call or cost. That’s what I call terrific service. Thank you”

Gino – Vineland, NJ – March 2013


“When I was struggling I thank God and you for your patience and your help to allow me to get my system up and running. God bless you for your understanding.”

Marcella – Pennsauken, NJ – March 2013


“Very satisfied customer for many years.”

Jane – Deptford, NJ – February 2013


“We had the system installed on 2-18-13. It has been working very well.”

Frank – Millville, NJ – March 2013


“I am delighted to get the free monitoring but also pleased that GSCI has such community commitment to offer such an encouragement to make donations to the Red Cross for this needed cause.”

Dorothy – Delran, NJ – March 2013


“Recently pressed away instead of stay. Response was immediate. Experience was reassuring. Very Happy.”

Sal – Sewell, NJ – February 2013


“After several recent break-ins in my neighborhood, I decided to have a security system installed. I researched online and spoke to several people I know who have security systems, one of whom was my cousin. After my neighbor’s house across the very well traveled main street from me was broken into in the middle of the day, with the front door being entered, they had a system installed the next day, and so I checked that one out also. When I spoke to my cousin about her security company, GCSI, she told me she has been a happy customer of that company for 10 years or more and has never had a problem or issue with them, even though on occasion she has set the alarm off accidentally. The GCSI representative came to my home and explained about the company and the many products they offer, and gave me suggestions as to what would be most beneficial to me. At the time of my call I was scheduled to leave for vacation in a week, and GCSI was able to install my system so I didn’t have to worry about being away.

While I have only been with GCSI for a short time, having my system installed only 3 months ago, I have set off the alarm twice by accident, each time having the monitoring company call me instantly to check if there was a problem. They called me so fast I almost forgot my security code response. I certainly was impressed.

In addition to me feeling more secure having GCSI in my back pocket to watch over my home and me, my cousin now gets $1/month off her bill for referring me to the company. How good is that? AND, they offer a senior citizen discount! I would definitely recommend GCSI as your home security system.


Roseann – West Deptford, NJ – January 2013


“I am very happy with the service and the monitoring of my home. After being robbed it took me 6 months to be able to leave my house. I would not have been able to if it was not for your company & alarm system. Thank you for giving me my life back.”

Stacy – Brooklawn, NJ – January 2013


“Great Job!”

Debra – Glassboro, NJ – January 2013


“Top Notch. Great Service. Better service & price than ADT.”

2012 Testimonials

Eugene – Pitman, NJ – December 2012

“Thanks for the continued great service!”

Tim – Deptford, NJ – November 2012


“You are doing a first class job in response time and service. Thank you.”

Virgil – Richland NJ – September 2012


“Perfect in every way.”

Paul – Glassboro, NJ – September 2012


“On mother’s day night 2012 around 10:00 PM we had an attempted break in at our home. They kicked in our front living room window which set off our alarm. The sound of the alarm scared the criminals away and thanks to the quick response from the monitoring team the police were at our house within 3 minutes. Thanks so much!”

Ann – Sewell NJ – September 2012


“You are doing very well.”

Arlene – Galloway, NJ – June 2012

2011 Testimonials

“Great service at a very reasonable rate. Great customer service! Everyone is friendly and helpful from the sales reps, to customer service to the technicians.”

Stephanie – Voorhees, NJ – May 2011


“Good job. Very prompt when we accidentally set off the alarm. Your staff is very polite & helpful.”

Frank – Sewell, NJ – September 2011


“Your service is excellent, Quick response time and nice people, Pleasure to do business with you.”

John – Milmay, NJ – August 2011


“You have always been and continue to be the up-most on professionalism! Great service, great people. We feel safe with our alarm system thanks to you.”

John, March 2011


“Perfect !!! Thank you for the Senior Citizen Discount.”

Irene, Berlin, NJ – January 2011

2010 Testimonials

“Enjoyable & helpful staff”

Wendy – Hammonton, NJ – May 2010


“Very happy with the decision to use GCSI.”

John – Sicklerville, NJ – May 2010


“Excellent!! Very informative and attentive to my security needs. GCSI Security Group is the most affordable and reliable service around. I will recommend to everyone I know. Thank you.”

Cheryl – Burlington, NJ – November 2010


“Excellent, never have I been treated with more compassion and kindness.”

Betty – Sicklerville, NJ – August 2010


“Your response time when I test my alarm system is always excellent. Someone calls in less than a minute always! Very courteous too. The money I spend each year for monitoring service is well worth the piece of mind it gives me and my family.”

Armond & Joanne – Vineland, NJ – April 2010


“Great. The entire gang from boss down are very kind and Cindy is the best. Great coverage.”

Jean, Margate, NJ – December 2010


“I’m writing to thank you for a great experience! Everyone I interacted with from your company was kind and helpful, especially Dominique and Larry. Larry came by on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and installed the new system. He was very courteous and did a great job. All of my conversations with Dominique were pleasant and effective. “

Robert, West Deptford, NJ – December 2010


“I’m satisfied with your care”

Tina, Philadelphia, PA – December 2010


“I’m very well pleased with your company. Please continue the good work”

Lorraine, Riverton, NJ – December 2010


“We are very happy with our service.”

Christine – Hammonton, NJ – November 2010


“Truly appreciate the sincerity and compassion of your entire staff during what was a difficult experience for our family. Thank you.”

Joe & Marybet – Haddonfield, NJ – March 2010

2009 Testimonials

“You are a very professional group and very dedicated.”

Phillip – Pitman, NJ – September 2009


“You’re the best! I would never consider any other provider because your service has always been outstanding. Thank you for providing excellent service whenever I call inquiring other needs or changes.”

Donna – Sewell, NJ – July 2009


“Very well – on time, and professionally done. The best, and the service sensational.”

Jean – Margate, NJ – October 2009


“You are a very professional group and very dedicated.”

Lee – Erial, NJ – September 2009


“Excellent Service – I sleep like a baby!”

Maria – Pitman, NJ – June 2009


“I feel your services are right on in my opinion. When our alarm goes off because of something we did our phone rings almost instantly to see what the problem might be. Good customer service.”

Jean – Forest Grove, NJ – June 2009


“Great service thru-out this past year. Best ever – very satisfied.”

Raymond & Carol – Mays Landing, NJ – July 2009


“Great service!!”

Dorothy – Woodbury, NJ – July 2009

2008 Testimonials

“After one week we feel more comfortable when we are out for even a short period of time.”

William – Sewell, NJ – December 2008


“Service is excellent. Response time is excellent. One service call this year…technician was here the same day. Fault was found quickly and repaired.”

Richard – Woodbury Heights, NJ – November 2008